Project nº01 designed by Joan Ros, a designer specialising in tailoring and trained at Central St Martins, aims to blow classic elegance out of the water.
Turning the concept of tailoring on its head, with British youth counterculture style as his inspiration.
The whole collection is based on the diplomatic line representing tradition in clothing, but applied to garments that come from the counterculture world.

Fabrics from surplus stocks altered with manual tools such as markers or spray paint create a dialogue between traditional materials and DIY materials.

The colour range is sober, in greyscale, black and white and small dots of colour. A youthful shape, with slender dimensions that contrast with oversized garments. 

A suit for drinking beer in the town square. 
A jumper your grandmother wouldn't buy and worth twice what she would pay.
A bomber jacket for a company meeting.
A dress to embarrass your mother. 
A pair of underpants to wear to your sister's wedding.

ABOUT Joan ros

Joan Ros, a designer specialising in tailoring, graduated from BAU, a design school in Barcelona, and completed his training at Central St Martins in London. 

His roots in a family mostly of farmers but with a tailor grandfather, together with his obsession with British aesthetics, shaped his identity as a designer. 

Awarded with the prize for the best national emerging designer in 2015, he started out at the age of 19 as menswear director at Martin Lamothe. He was an assistant to Stefan Cooke and among other artistic projects, worked in Milan for Doutzen Kroes.

Project 01